Create The Good Life - Simple and Slow Living by Design

Simple Living

The Simple Living and Voluntary Simplicity movements emphasize living well while minimizing the pursuit of wealth and consumption. Slow Living is quite aligned with these and entails living consciously with intent and in a way in which time and resources are not wasted, but are used creatively and appropriately to meet what is essential and fulfilling. Personal motivations for these lifestyles are varied and can include spirituality, health, having more quality time for family and friends, living lightly on the earth, socio-political goals, stress reduction, and personal taste.

Deciding to slow and simplify one's life can sometimes mean making fundamental changes in terms of home and work. Not infrequently we run up against our own personal - not to mention family, community and societal - barriers. Books along with discussion and support groups can offer practical tips as well as emotional encouragement. Community is often a goal and strategy for these kinds of changes, and so finding like-minded folks with whom we can share can be very rewarding.