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Zu Chang Tea Company

Zu Chang Tea Company of Taiwan

The teas we offer are from the Zu Chang Tea Company in the Wen-Shan district of northern Taiwan. Mr. Wang is a 6th generation tea maker and has devoted his life to making high quality teas. He oversees the growing and processing of tea from select tea gardens in various regions of Taiwan. Mr. Wang continues to learn and experiment, and he is especially proud of his Wild Oolong, a tea he developed.

We enjoyed tea with Mr. Wang during his 2014 visit to the U.S. and visited him and toured his operations in Taiwan in September 2014. We visited many tea gardens and processing facilities. We even picked tea with the 70+ year old tea pickers and spent the whole day processing the tea. We can truly say we know where this tea comes from.

Zu Chang Tea Company
Zu Chang Tea Company, USA

Beth Meredith and Eric Storm

Good Life in a Cup

We fell in love with oolongs at the Chinese Garden in Portland, Oregon. We see tea as a delicious way to slow down, savor the moment, and share good times with friends. Our day job is working with individuals and organizations to help them "create the good life" for themselves and others. We are excited to share these fine teas with others and to now offer the experience of good life in a cup as well.

You can read more about us and what we do at www.Create-The-Good-Life.com.