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Unplug and Play

unplug and play

We'll keep this short.

Today at dusk starts the National Day of Unplugging. We encourage everyone to celebrate by disconnecting from your screens and
i-whatevers, and connecting with the world around you.

Remember the sweet sound of birds singing, the feel of sun-warmed grass between your toes, and the delight of a smile on your friend's face? They are all out there waiting for you to enjoy this Friday, through Saturday, and Sunday, too, if you happen to live in Petaluma (because that's how we roll here in Rivertown).

Here's the deal.

1. Take one minute and complete this sentence:
I unplug to ...

For example:
... take deeper breathes.
... check in with what I think.
... talk with friends.

Need more inspiration? Check out the folks who submitted a photo of their answer on the National Day of Unplugging website.

2. Plan to spend some significant time—24 hours if possible—over the weekend to COMPLETELY UNPLUG. Use this time to feel into the world around you. Explore with your senses and savor the smells, sounds, sights, and thoughts of just being in the moment.

It's so simple.
So profound.
So inexpensive.
So easy.
So necessary.

For more on how to unplug check out our past essay, Lessons from Staycations and Secular Sabbaths.

That's it! Our shortest essay ever, because we really, really want you to experience unplugging ASAP! Wishing you oceans of time and space over the next few days.

I umplug to PLAY.                                                              

Signing off from our computers,

Beth and Eric

Petalumans, visit for a list of unplugging events like free boat rides in the Petaluma River, kite flying, and much more.

This monthly slow essay is from Beth Meredith & Eric Storm of Create The Good Life.

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